Marketing & Promotion

Western Influences works with businesses to develop strategic marketing and promotion plans, including designing websites, starting up social media campaigns, opening up cost effective cross-marketing opportunities and developing partnerships with other businesses.

Western Influences teaches both Balinese and Australian businesses how to capitalise on who they are and profit from what they have.  Australia has as few as 24 million potential customers, which is not many when you consider that Indonesia has over 220 million potential customers.  Western Influences can teach you how to promote your business to market segments that you hadn’t considered before.  We will have you thinking “Why didn’t I think of that before?”

Inventors, restaurant owners, IT professionals, real estate agents, manufacturing companies, importers, exporters, resort owners, not-for-profit organisations, construction companies, tyre retailers, hotel managers, farmers . . .  Businesses from all over the world have used our services.  We know no boundaries.

Western Influences’ services are inexpensive.  Large marketing companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for what we do.  Whilst we are great at what we do, we help start-up companies with non-existent budgets; and, we help larger companies with “why didn’t we think of that” ideas, all within a budget you can afford.


Generating Advocates

We are specialists in teaching our clients how to generate repeat business and referral customers.  We can show you how to create advocates for your business within your existing client base, with cheap, even free, cost effective marketing campaigns.  Customers will begin to come to you from sources that you might not have directly connected with, merely through changing your marketing strategy.



In both Australia and Bali, Western Influences helps businesses attract new customers with innovative methods for promoting themselves.  Our cross-promotion strategies are inexpensive, very effective, and suitable for almost any type of business.  They leverage the success of other businesses to bring attention to your business.


Credibility Enhancement

Credibility enhancement is another unique service we offer to our clients.  We build businesses up to be respected in their markets.  Whether you want more foreign customers or foreign investment; Western Influences teaches Balinese businesses to capitalise on who they are and profit from what they have to offer.



A media strategy is a plan of action that helps businesses reach their target audience and, by reaching their target audience, they improve their overall conversion rate.  When trying to capture the attention of a niche market, it is important to know the exact demographic of the potential customers and what will get their attention in the most effective way.  In today’s technological age, it is also essential to be innovative in communicating with potential and existing customers.

Western Influences offers support in developing an appropriate media and communication strategy that will get the attention of the people who can make the most difference to your business.


Connect With Us

People are people; dreams are dreams.  We turn those dreams into reality with a clear, innovative path.  If you knew how, you would have done it yourself by now. Engage Western Influences to design your created future.