Import & Export

Western Influences provides services to facilitate international trade and the exchange of goods, products and services. Having owned an import / export business through the 1990s and early 2000s, we know what it takes to source unique products and services, negotiate trading terms, and manage international logistics.

In Australia, marketing materials such as posters, banners, flyers and business cards can be relatively expensive. Australians often approach Western Influences with requests to source these items in Bali.  Our services include both design and quality control.

Western Influences also sources and engages artists for commissioned works, such as large sculptures or custom made furniture.  The Balinese are masters of art and there is much opportunity for exporting unique pieces made from wood, glass and stone to Australia and other countries.

Exporting of services is also in high demand.  Our Australian clients often request professional services such as website design, video animators and graphic design.  If Bali has people qualified in the services you want, we will connect you.

With a strong focus on tourism as a source of economic wealth, Bali does not have many high-tech manufacturing facilities.  There is currently demand for energy efficient products as a result of the Indonesian government offering incentives for companies to produce items that either generate electricity or reduce electricity consumption.  If you have a product we might be interested in, contact us today.  We may be able to broker the import of your product into Indonesia.

Expatriates offering professional services are also in high demand in Bali as a result of university streaming here being weighted toward tourism and its supporting industries.  Western Influences is open to taking on new partners to help with the workload and to generate more business in Bali.  If you have ever thought you might like to live in Bali and have proven track record in any of the seven Western Influences business units, please connect with us.