Cultural Workplace Health & Safety

Western Influences audits workplaces for health and safety; provides advice on how to create a safer workplace with effective policies and procedures; and, trains stakeholders in the implementation of safe workplace practices.

We do not believe that ‘compliance safety’ has all the answers.  We believe that compliance safety has its place as the backbone of the safety industry, ready to enforce laws when companies or individuals deliberately break the safety laws and rules of the country they occupy.

Cultural Workplace Health and Safety is the key to having all of your staff, customers and the general public at large, go home each day to the people that really matter to them. Their family and their friends.

Qualified in Workplace Health and Safety, Western Influences can conduct measurable workplace safety audits for the three safety concerns: present, developing and hidden.  You would be amazed at what was once a concern and has now has become “just the way it is.”  The majority of workplace incidents occur with new people entering the organisation who do not know “the way it is.”

After the first audit, we can train your staff in what to look for in safety; and, how to distinguish whether it is something they should fix themselves or something that should be reported to the appropriate person for action.  We also train in safe workplace practices using your staff and their knowledge; knowledge that will keep people alive; maybe even you.

Western Influences can implement a culture of safety into your workplace.  We then re-audit, having trained your staff in auditing, and see the measurable difference in safety since the first audit.  In some cases, we have managed to reduce the insurance premiums of corporations and schools, saving the audited business crucial money each year.  We have also boosted morale as a result of the lack of incidents that occur as people become more safety conscious.

All of this work maintains a balanced combination of compliance and cultural safety.  Creating this culture requires effective compliance safety to be implemented in the form of policies and procedures.  We have done this for many companies ranging from restaurants to construction to mining companies.  It gives us a great feeling knowing we have contributed to the lives of another through safety.

We can do audits as a once-off or on an ongoing basis, coming in to your workplace or school monthly or quarterly to do effective (honest) external audits.

We provide advice on how to create a culture of safety in any school, workplace, play area, accommodation or public space with measurable results.  Using presentations, audits and safe work procedures, we make an efficient and valuable contribution to the lives of others.