Business Development & Management

Western Influences partners with local, national, and international companies.

We work with new or existing small, medium and large enterprises across all manner of industries: from primary production and manufacturing to retail; tourism to entertainment; mining and construction to oil and gas; as well as, local, state and federal governments. Our role is to uncover and remedy problems, develop opportunities and open up new markets.

Western Influences also works with people who would like to open their own business – large or small.  We teach them the skills associated with running a company, such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organising, budgeting and planning.  We teach the skills required to be a successful business owner.

Western Influences provides management services to businesses wanting to extend their management skills in the areas of:

•        Innovation •        Procurement •        Security
•        Human Resourcing •        Business Financials •        Franchising
•        Planning and Structures •        Marketing, Sales and Promotion •        Systemisation for Replication
•        Communication and Negotiation •        Location and Premises Selection •        Cultural Workplace Health and Safety

We bring an outsiders perspective to what works and doesn’t work within your organisation. Our clients often say to us, “It is easy for you to see; you don’t work here.”

Western Influences frequently helps Australian clients with expanding their market into Indonesia’s growing population of 220 million.  We source the contacts they need, facilitate the meetings and do the presentations for them.  We connect them with the appropriate decision makers who want to see Indonesia expand and profit through western influences without losing Indonesia’s culture along the way.

We also offer business coaching to our Australian clients in structured, face-to-face Skype meetings.  These are designed to keep the management team and / or the staff on track with what is important both at a business level and at a personal level.

In Bali, Western Influences helps local businesses attract foreign customers, partners and investors – on top of the domestic market.  We provide access to markets that are often outside of the vision of the business owners.

Have you ever been to a business and thought, “This place is busy; how could I attract some of these customers?”

Western Influences has the answers.  We have great in roads into almost any business that can promote what you do.  We are experts at cross-promotion; and, we bring businesses together that would never before have thought they would be useful to each other.


Business Development

Western Influences spent three months working intensely with a Balinese business owner with eight newly opened villas, a restaurant and a day spa.  The goal was to improve the patronage of each facility and the overall profitability of the businesses.

Western Influences’ senior consultants spent time inside the business speaking with management, staff and customers to gain an understanding of the operating environment and to identify the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  There is advantage in an outside consultant, such as Western Influences, examining operations because they have the objective capacity to see what works well and what does not work so well.

Over the months, Western Influences worked with the business owner to, amongst other things:

·        modify the layout of the restaurant to maximise both the intrinsic and extrinsic comfort of guests;

·        carry out an initial safety audit and make recommendations to mitigate any potential risks to staff, guests and other visitors to the site;

·        educate the staff on the value of English as a second language and assist them to identify the opportunities that practicing English can open up

·        overhaul the way the business is being marketed, including redesigning the website and other promotional material;

·        review the menu for the restaurant, including redesigning the menus to include photographs and both Indonesian and English language descriptions of items;

·        undertake market research on local competitors to inform market positioning;

·        leverage the business owner’s connections such that outgoings could be reduced in areas such as human resourcing and stock control;

·        advise on appropriate ergonomics for staff and customers in the day spa; and,

·        educate management and staff in the advantages of excellent customer service as a means for generating repeat and referred business, as opposed to generating new business all the time.

The work Western Influences did on this project shaped the business to what it is today and directly increased patronage and profitability.


Business Management

Western Influences worked with the owners of five private villas, which had been struggling financially for some time.  This project included:

·        assessing the infrastructure and making recommendations on improvements that would positively influence guests’ experience of the complex;

·        undertaking market research on local competitors to inform market positioning, including room rates;

·        carrying out a safety audit and making recommendations to mitigate any potential risks to staff, guests and other visitors to the site;

·        developing a range of branding, marketing and promotional materials, including signage, brochures and posters, social media and a website;

·        developing a comprehensive procedure manual for all staff;

·        leveraging connections to minimise the cost of human resources, whilst contributing to social responsibility outcomes; and,

·        assessing budgets and making recommendations on cost saving measures, including creating networks of preferred suppliers.

The systems and structures that have since been implemented as a result of Western Influences’ work on this project have caused higher occupancy rates and, in many cases, guests to extend their stay.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Many people think that business development implies a failing somewhere, which requires attention.  This is often not the case.  Business success is a primary driver of greater business success.  Western Influences has strategies for leveraging that success in such a way that it supports others to grow too.  These strategies do not necessarily result in the outlay of money.  Many of the strategies are cost free and, if anything, can save money for the business in the process.